How Long to Read Hōjōki

By Matthew Stavros

How Long Does it Take to Read Hōjōki?

It takes the average reader 1 hour and 50 minutes to read Hōjōki by Matthew Stavros

Assuming a reading speed of 250 words per minute. Learn more


Hōjōki is an extended meditation on the impermanence of the world and the danger of attachment. Written by the reclusive monk Kamo no Chōmei at the dawn of the thirteenth century, this classic work of Japanese literature is celebrated for its linguistic simplicity and philosophical depth. Using the house as a metaphor for worldly attachment, Chōmei encourages readers not to cling to possessions, status, or social recognition. Simplicity and self-reliance, he argues, are the keys to extinguishing desire and finding inner peace. Although Hōjōki is unmistakably inspired by Buddhist ideas, its message is both universal and timeless.This second edition includes the Japanese source text and English translation, original images, maps, and notes. The companion website provides a variety of digital resources and learning materials:

How long is Hōjōki?

Hōjōki by Matthew Stavros is 110 pages long, and a total of 27,500 words.

This makes it 37% the length of the average book. It also has 34% more words than the average book.

How Long Does it Take to Read Hōjōki Aloud?

The average oral reading speed is 183 words per minute. This means it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to read Hōjōki aloud.

What Reading Level is Hōjōki?

Hōjōki is suitable for students ages 10 and up.

Note that there may be other factors that effect this rating besides length that are not factored in on this page. This may include things like complex language or sensitive topics not suitable for students of certain ages.

When deciding what to show young students always use your best judgement and consult a professional.

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