About Read Time

Read Time is a service to help you estimate how long it will take read a book.

There are so many books out in the world worth reading that it can be difficult to prioritize where to start. Read Time provides the first step in that journey by answering a seemingly simple question: "How long will it take me to read this book?"

How is Reading Time Calculated?

There are several levels of calculation employed by Read Time to ensure you get an accurate estimate of how long it will take to read your new favorite book. These are:

Manual Verification

Some books on Read Time have had their lengths manually verified. By hovering over the "Word Count" section of a book's page you can see if a book has been manually verified.

If you'd like to request a book be manually verified please contact us!


For books lacking a manually verified word count Read Time is able to provide an estimated word count. This is done by looking at several factors of a book, such as

Read Time is then able to compute an estimated reading time for any given reading speed. This is done by first computing the number of words, then factoring in your personalized reading speed.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

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