How Long to Read Forever Peace

By Joe Haldeman

How Long Does it Take to Read Forever Peace?

It takes the average reader 5 hours and 52 minutes to read Forever Peace by Joe Haldeman

Assuming a reading speed of 250 words per minute. Learn more


In the year 2043, the Ngumi War rages. Limited nuclear strikes have been used on Atlanta and two enemy cities, but the war goes on, fought by 'soldierboys' -- indestructible war machines operated by remote control by soldiers hundreds of miles away. Julian Class is one of these soldiers, and for him war is truly hell. The psychological strain of being jacked-in to his soldierboy -- and the genocidal results -- are becoming too much to bear. Now he and his companion, Dr Amelia Harding, have made a terrifying scientific discovery, which could literally take the universe back to square one....

How long is Forever Peace?

Forever Peace by Joe Haldeman is 351 pages long, and a total of 88,101 words.

This makes it 118% the length of the average book. It also has 108% more words than the average book.

How Long Does it Take to Read Forever Peace Aloud?

The average oral reading speed is 183 words per minute. This means it takes 8 hours and 1 minute to read Forever Peace aloud.

What Reading Level is Forever Peace?

Forever Peace is suitable for students ages 12 and up.

Note that there may be other factors that effect this rating besides length that are not factored in on this page. This may include things like complex language or sensitive topics not suitable for students of certain ages.

When deciding what to show young students always use your best judgement and consult a professional.

Where Can I Buy Forever Peace?

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