How Long to Read Dreamsnake

By Vonda N. McIntyre

How Long Does it Take to Read Dreamsnake?

It takes the average reader 5 hours to read Dreamsnake by Vonda N. McIntyre

Assuming a reading speed of 250 words per minute. Learn more


The Hugo and Nebula Award–winning novel from the New York Times–bestselling author of The King’s Daughter. On an Earth scarred by nuclear war, Snake harnesses the power of venom to cure illnesses and vaccinate against disease. The healer can even ease patients into death with the power of her dreamsnake. But she is not respected and trusted by all, and when she tries to help a sick nomad child, the frightened clan kills her dreamsnake. Ashamed of being misjudged and grieving the loss of her dreamsnake, Snake has one choice to maintain her livelihood: she must travel to the city, which jealously guards its knowledge. And before she faces the prejudices and arrogance of the people there, Snake must make her way across a barren desert, surviving storms and radiation poisoning, helping those she can—all while a madman stalks her every move . . . “[Dreamsnake] is filled with scenes as suspenseful as anyone could wish . . . but most of all it addresses the humanity in all of us.” —The Seattle Times “A haunting, rich, and tender novel that explores the human side of science fiction in a manner that’s all too uncommon.” —Robert Silverberg “A splendid tale, combining the sensitivity and attention to mood of the new generation of SF writers with a gripping and well-worked-out adventure . . . The novel is rich in character, background and incident—unusually absorbing and moving.” —Publishers Weekly “Instead of kicking butt, the lead character is dedicated to saving lives. . . . Snake’s blighted world is expertly drawn, and her encounters with dysfunctional societies can be bracing and challenging reading.” —The Guardian “This is an exciting future-dream with real characters, a believable mythos and, what’s more important, an excellent, readable story.” —Frank Herbert, author of the Dune series

How long is Dreamsnake?

Dreamsnake by Vonda N. McIntyre is 300 pages long, and a total of 75,000 words.

This makes it 101% the length of the average book. It also has 92% more words than the average book.

How Long Does it Take to Read Dreamsnake Aloud?

The average oral reading speed is 183 words per minute. This means it takes 6 hours and 49 minutes to read Dreamsnake aloud.

What Reading Level is Dreamsnake?

Dreamsnake is suitable for students ages 12 and up.

Note that there may be other factors that effect this rating besides length that are not factored in on this page. This may include things like complex language or sensitive topics not suitable for students of certain ages.

When deciding what to show young students always use your best judgement and consult a professional.

Where Can I Buy Dreamsnake?

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